TrueCrypt Extension

What´s new:

Display the properties of a TrueCrypt drive in the standard property dialog of a drive.


Dismount a TrueCrypt drive without the standard TrueCrypt utilities, by clicking the context menu of a drive.



Download the extension \'TrueCrpytProp.dll\' and copy it to your TrueCrypt folder. Then open the command prompt go to your local TrueCrypt folder an type \'regsvr32.exe TrueCrpytProp.dll\', after the successfull message you can use the plug-in.

MD5 Hash of TrueCrpytProp.dll -> 0x05A9E60A7CD52BCB754DF5866B65967A

Download Version 1.0 (Note: Please do not create external links to that download!)

Important: The plug-in is not compatible with the new version 3.x of TrueCrypt, I work on it.


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