We develop little helpers which make the daily work more easier. We do this currently only for us.

Windows Phone:
Dial from Outlook

Explorer context menu extensions:
Copy Path To Clipboard
Start Apllication with parameters

Tools for analysing logs:
Proxy Servers
IIS, Lotus Domino

Create and use your own eventlog
delete standard eventlog
create standard eventlog entries
IE analyse (make a protocol for all requests)
create SMTP eMails (one call at the command prompt)
harvester for SMTP eMail addresses in Web Pages (supporting Lotus Domino)
SMTP Domain Tester for eMail Gateways
Import/Export address books between Lotus Notes and Outlook
div. Skripte with VBScript
HeartBeat Supress for WinNT (Logoff during system shutdown by TEC)

used programming languages:
VB- Visual Basic
VBA- Visual Basic for Applications
VBS- VBScript
VC- Visual C/C++
VC#- Visual C#
ASP- Active Server Pages
HTML- HyperText Markup Language
SQL- Structured Query Language


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