MS ISA Plug-ins

If you are interestet, than sent me an eMail. I will send you a private copy.
The rules for this private copy are simple.
- I did not want that you give this private build to a third person
- you can use this, where you want, but I can not guarantee that is run perfectly in any environment 
- if you plan to make money with this functionality or if you plan to implement this in a commercial environment,
than I would be glad if you Support my hosting and programming costs:
Most of my programs have already reached professional status and doubtless they\'re getting more and more popular.
Many people ask me to enhance this part or to add that feature. If you like my programs and want to keep them getting
better, if you want to keep this website running, or if you just want to reward me a bit for my previous work on freeware-tools
(since June, 6th  1997), please seriously think about donating a small amount.
Many other programs ask for registering or are expensively sold and aren\'t even worth the time for downloading.
FYI: A private copy contains a uniqe identifier, for who was this copy.


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